Celebrity Cruises Consumer Review November 15, 2017

Celebrity Cruises Consumer Review November 15, 2017
Celebrity Cruises Consumer Review November 15, 2017

Passenger Complaint: Celebrity Cruises Consumer Review November 15, 2017 – “Hi. We are on the Summits cruise ship from May 27th to June 3rd. We are currently locked in our cabin and are being blatantly ignored. They are giving us a free cruise voucher but the embarrassment we endured deserves a refund as well. We are fully prepared to seek legal assistance as we were lied to and stripped of our rights as human beings. We are being treated worst than zoo animals. That being said, here is the tragic end to our honeymoon!!!

We were served a raw burger for lunch on deck 10 at the buffet. Mind you the staff agreed they should have been cooked well done! We didn’t realize it wasn’t cooked all the way until we got to the middle. My wife and I both got ill shortly after eating it. We took a nap because we started feeling ill and both threw up the burgers. We were NOT sick beforehand. I went to guest relations and spoke to Victoria, I think. We asked to get some reimbursement but they made us go to the doctor on board and claimed they could give me medicine to help with the food poisoning. We went there and they didn’t seem like they wanted to take responsibility for food poisoning and claimed we had the norovirus.

We didn’t think we should have to pay for tour mistake so they claimed if we filled out some form saying we were sick, we wouldn’t be charged. So they give us the form and basically coerced us into lying about having diarrhea, which none of us had. Only nausea. They gave my wife a painful IV with drugs and saline. They took me into a different room and gave me a shot in my behind for nausea.

Mind you the shot was the most excruciating pain of my life and I couldn’t walk normally on my left side for over 2 hrs. They gave us medicine and sent us on our way. We instantly felt fine and we’re sure the mistakes of your staff caused our symptoms. They didn’t tell us we had to stay in our room after we left so my wife and I went up to the deck. She went back to the room to grab something and I was explaining the situation to someone who worked on the ship who then called her manager and yelled at me like a child to go to our room. I was chased by security and staff and made out to be a criminal.

We were not allowed to leave our room for the next day until we get off board. They literally treated us like criminals and claim we have a virus but we felt fine until after we ate that burger. They basically tricked us into going there and they are giving us a hard time about getting any reimbursement. The staff in the medical lied to us, and I believe this was done to take away liability. They even agreed that the food was the cause but later changed their story. We just got married and spent our life savings on this cruise! I am appalled at the way we were treated to the point where we were in tears. This is not right.

I am writing this as I am held a prisoner in our own room, not able to enjoy the benefits of the ship that we paid tons of money for. This is my first Celebrity Cruise as we always used Royal Caribbean. This is a very bad first impression and we’re disgusted at the mistrust that the staff has shown us. It’s hard to get sleep and forget this day from hell when I can hear people laughing and having a great time.

Nobody will speak to or help us, I feel like a prisoner. I could understand if we were actually sick, but I went out of the room and everyone, including your housekeeping staff and manager, that we look just fine and are not sick. I wish they worked for the medical department, because the people down there are lying criminals. We’re disgusted and appalled at the way we have been treated. We cannot sleep and have to wait to be cleared by medical. And without a doubt in my mind we will be. I want all the copies of our medical records as well, do I ask medical? We have never been so unhappy in our lives!!!”

Celebrity Cruises Response: None