Disney Cruise Line BBB Review September 22, 2017

Disney Cruise Line BBB Review Hurricane Irma September 22, 2017
Disney Cruise Line BBB Review Hurricane Irma September 22, 2017

Passenger Complaint: Disney Cruise Line BBB Review September 22, 2017 – “My family was on the Disney fantasy cruise Sept 2, 2017 Disney made the decision to endanger everyone in my family lives, by making everyone evacuate the Disney ship in Florida, the place were the stage 5 hurricane Irma was to land with in 24 or so hours. they should of taken us to a safe place were we could of got a car rental give us a chance to get an air flight , a hotel, Disney knew that all the Resident of Florida would have evacuated first and all flights would be taken. My family of eleven people with children ages 2, 6, 8, 10, 16 were Devastated and no help from Disney to show us where we could get shelter, we had no internet on the ship, we would have to stand in lines for hours to pay for internet, so we could not contact our airline or our family. Disney main concern was to get us out of their ship, so Disney could save their ship and their money after hours of searching we paid a large amount of money and our family of eleven people had to travel15 hours with minimal gas and no luck for hours before we found a gas station that had gas , no plane flights no hotels we had to drive to Atlanta Georgia to finally get a flight home to California. We are all so disappointed by Disney no concern of peoples life in case of emergency, Our family was devastate I’m still in shock of Disney Lack of safely in disaster, lack of communication with the passengers during a natural disaster, Disney gave us no resources no shelter.. I anger and I want an explanation from Disney.”

Disney Cruise Line Response:

“To Whom lt May Concern: l am in receipt of your email regarding a review posted by Victoria Villegas. At Disney Cruise Line, we sincerely believe we have an obligation to our guests to provide excellent service in every area of our operation. I spoke with Guest Victoria on September 21″ and empathized with her concerns. Disney Cruise Line has reimbursed her for car rental expenses and internet service during her cruise. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

Passenger Response:

“Just like Disney no consequences for dropping thousand of people in a state that was already evacuated and no resources! no gas !!! What about the 14 hours my family had to do to get out of Florida? It got very expensive eleven people in my family driving 14 hour, extra charges on airfreight from Atlanta Georgia extra expensive car rental ,gas, food.. that was not in our plan!!! So Disney feel like… giving us car rental and a pat on the back sorry was enough .. Disney tell my 3 year old my 8 year old my 10, year old my 16 year old grandkid how much fun its is to drive 14 hours running for safely! Victoria V***”