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The Bad Cruise Ship Vacation

The Bad Vacation category covers all the little things the cruise line had control over, yet allowed to take place, turning a dream cruise into a headache. This category includes missed ports, canceled excursions, missing luggage,  the wedding cake that never arrived, cabin air conditioning that didn't work, food that was not fit to eat, odor in the cabin that was unbearable, elevators that didn't work, a butler who never showed his face, unattainable room service for a sick family, items stolen from the cabin, incorrect or unauthorized charges to a credit card, bed bugs who took up residency in the cabin, toilets that wouldn't flush, far too noisy passengers next door ship's security wouldn't address and any of an array of complaints that took away the significant pleasure of the cruise while you were on it, but didn't significantly impact your life after you got home.

It would be too costly to hire an attorney to advocate, resolve this issue on your own by using a free mediator. Begin by choosing the cruise line from the list at the left.

The Cruise Ship Vacation That Caused Significant Loss

This category of complaint can be considered a serious incident. After the cruise, due to one or more incidents related to the cruise, the passenger sustained  a significant loss, which  require the hiring of a maritime attorney to attain compensation. These losses were caused directly or indirectly to you due to the negligence of the cruise line.

The core of these complaints revolves around a physical injury that  has prevented you from enjoying life after the cruise because you or somebody in your travel party such as a spouse, parent or child were unable to live their life as they had prior to taking the cruise, after an incident aboard a cruise ship or while on a cruise ship excursion.

These incidents might include injury or illness that took place aboard or began as a result of being aboard, missing persons, deaths or sexual assault or may be as a result of riot, mutiny, pirate or terrorist attack, fire, grounding, sinking, severe listing, collision or severe weather. The incident was responsible for a disability, somebody being unable to work partially or at all or to provide comfort, support or companionship as a result of the incident.

This complaint may require a legal professional to advocate on your behalf.
Cruise Ship Complaints
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