Celebrity Cruises

BBB History as of February 1, 2011:

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Factors that lowered this business' rating include:

•9 complaints filed against business
•Failure to respond to 2 complaints filed against business.
•BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. BBB made at least two requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from the business and/or has not been able to verify information received from business.
•BBB does not have sufficient information to determine size of business. BBB evaluation of business is based on rating formula's smallest size classification.
•BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.

BBB processed a total of 9 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 9 complaints closed in 36 months, 9 were closed in the last year.

These complaints concerned :
  • 2  regarding Billing or Collection Issues 
  • 1  regarding Contract Issues 
  • 5  regarding Customer Service Issues 
  • 1  regarding Refund or Exchange Issues 

  • These complaints were closed as: 
  • 2  No Response 
  • 5  Resolved 
  • 2  Administratively Closed 

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